About Us

What is Rooted Bakeshop?

Rooted Bakeshop is a sweet treat product line produced by the owner of Imagine Kitchen, which is a shared use commercial kitchen in Greer, South Carolina.  Jef Heuerman, aka the “One F Chef,” has the ultimate sweet tooth and will delight YOU with all things sweet.

As Sweet As It Gets...

Jef has broad experience in many trades, although baking and pastry arts has been a through line since his childhood from baking with his Mom, who we affectionately called Nana once the grandkids came into the picture.

Nana’s kitchen is where Jef first experienced what it meant to be ROOTED in love:  the expression of love through recipes written (and re-written), the embrace of love through sweet scents that filled the house, and the comfort of love through each bite.  

It’s often said that “passion fuels success.”  As his wife and co-owner, I must share what he humbly keeps to himself… when he took the courageous step to go back to school to get a second degree, he proved that point about success.  He poured his passion into his Pastry Arts degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Midwest Culinary Institute which is a state-of-the-art facility.  

Since graduating, he has gained experience working as a cake decorator, a chocolate technician, and as a freelance Pastry Chef.  

But why the tree for a bakeshop logo?   

sunsetpapasbarn-300.jpg original-family-tree-sq-300.jpg nana-bax-isaac-sq-300.jpg papasbarn-300.jpg

The Rooted Inspiration
It Began with a Tree

This metal art, rooted tree sparked the idea for our bakeshop name.  It holds a deep sentiment of family roots for us (Jef and Stephanie).  

We originally bought it for Jef’s Mom and Dad years ago to commemorate a treasured tree in their backyard that had to be cut down.  It had been an idyllic scene to look out the bay window into the backyard, with the tree and its swing as a focal point, framed by a white barn, extensive garden, and corn fields surrounding it all.

The tree roots ran deep, and so did the love.  We recognize that our life is so rooted in love:  God’s love, the love of our families, and the above and beyond kind of love that comes through adoption which is a part of both Jef and Stephanie’s childhood stories, as well as their calling as parents too.

All of this runs in and through the passion and motivation that Jef has as a Pastry Chef as he aims to share the love of sweets with you!